Danbury CT and surrounding area
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After Hours Service

Prime time service at non-prime time prices.
  • Savings - Get daytime IT professionals at reduced rates.
  • Avoid Disruptions - Don't disrupt your daily processes, focus without being interrupted.
  • Resource Sharing - After hours workers can use the same resources and equipment as your day workers, or work from their home office.
  • Avoid Hiring FTE - Use a part time contractor instead of adding full time staff.
  • Make up lost time - For projects running late, beef up your staff until you are caught up.
  • Test for Employment - Need an FTE? Try them out on an after hours basis, like a test drive.
  • For information regarding employment as an after hours specialist contact Bill Mellor.

    Web Solutions
    ASI provides web services of Front End Design, Graphics, Programming, Database Development, Data Storage and Retrieval, Reporting. Programming in HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, MySQL on Windows, Linux, UNIX and AIX platforms.
    Contract Services
    Business Analysis - Our business analyst will provide top notch service in gathering requirements, analyzing your needs and tracking projects through to completion.
    Project Management - Management of projects from conception to completion.
    Programming - Programming services are available in many languages and skill levels.
    Informix - Informix has been our specialty for the last 15 years.
    Networking - ASI has experienced professionals in most networking components.

    Accipiter Services, Inc., based out of Chicago, serving Danbury CT and surrounding areas, provides web and contract services, special web packages, graphic design, development, Project Management,
    Business Analysis, Networking and Informix 4GL. Accipiter Services is celebrating 20 years in the technology field, providing solutions for major clients. ASI, an Illinois company with an office located in the Danbury, New Milford and Brookfield area serving CT, specializes in after hours service of web development, web site creation, web design, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS Access, Project Management, Business Analsys and networking services. After hours (or off-hours) service saves money, reduces disruptions and provides relief for temporary busy crunches.